Rallye Weiz
Spectator - Information - Rallye Weiz 2024:
Fotos: Harald Illmer
Spectator information will be available closer to the event.


Attention restricted zone!

Attention: Rallying is spectacular, but can also be dangerous. Safety has first priority!

As spectator on the event the following safety rules must be respected for your safety.

There is a 50m safety zone right and left to the special stage road (except spectator zones).

The most important safety rules:

  • Be early on the selected spectator zone
  • Always respect the safety tapes at the designated spectator zones
  • Never stay in dangerous places close to the road or below the level of the road.
  • Don't block the access roads and safety roads with your car!
  • Don't walk on the track!
  • Think not only about your safety, but also about the safety of the competitors
  • Always keep an eye on your children!
  • Don't bring animals to the stages!
  • Always do as the marshals, organiser or police ask!
  • Keep the environment clean!
  • Don't remove any signs or boards!
  • Adjust your clothes to the weather expected and in particular wear appropriate shoes! As a rally spectator, you must be prepared for some longer walks.
  • Please contact the marshals if you need medical help or other assistance.
  • Expect the unexpected!

Respect safety!



Video: Spectator safety

ELECTRO-RALLY Safety Video | AMF Rally2E | Raimund Baumschlager & Manfred Stohl

Start into a new era: For the first time electric Rallycars took part in the Austrian Rally Championship at Rallye Weiz 2021. Raimund Baumschlager and Manfred Stohl explain the Safety Lights on the Rally2E electric cars.

ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup Safety Video